Wonders of Honey

Honey is the natural sweetener and has several health benefits:

Natural Anti-Oxidant: Honey has proved to be a very good source of anti-oxidant that helps to reduce the free radicals from body hence curing cancer of liver, breast, colorectal also according to few studies they can even prove to be boon for prostate, bladder, endometrial, kidney, skin, cervical, oral and bone cancer. Honey even helps in preventing aging and fight against acne, pimples.

Immunity Booster: Honey helps in boosting the immune system through its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties therefore controlling the gastrointestinal diseases.

Energy Booster: Beyond its good taste, honey has rich source of carbohydrates that provides ample energy and strength to our bodies. It prevents muscle fatigue during workout. Its glucose is absorbed at higher rate as compared to that of fructose and hence provides instant energy to the body.

Cholesterol Cutter: Honey is known as cholesterol fighter as it cuts down the bad cholesterol (LDL) hence reducing the risk of heart attack.

Cures Throat Infection: It not only soothes throat from infection and itching but also provides relief from cough and cold.

Cures Burns and Wounds: Application of honey externally on burns and wounds with silver sulfadiazine can quickly heal the wounds.



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