Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut Water is rich in nutrients such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, iron and amino acids.
Health Drink: Coconut water hydrates body as it contains electrolytes that help to regain the fluid balance and keep the body hydrated and healthy. It is highly preferable sports drink since it soothes stomach related problem such as indigestion or gastric issue.

Helps in Weight Loss: Coconut water not only contains essential nutrients but also has very low calorie content and thus is easy on stomach and aids in weight loss and enhances metabolic rate. It also helps to flush off the toxins from body without any water loss.l

Helps in Proper Cardiac Functioning: It is beneficial for heart as it reduces the chances of heart attack, blood pressure and hypertension.
Keeps Away Kidney Stones: Kidney Stones are the most painful if they get accumulated inside kidney instead of being flushed off. Coconut water prevents the formation of stones and flushes off the toxic accumulation.
Relieves From Muscle Cramps: Electrolytes present in coconut water helps in relaxing the muscle scramps by pumping potassium and sodium ions through ion channels.
Relieves Headache: Dehydration can be the cause of headache. Coconut water provides proper hydration and ion supply hence relieving from headache.
Helps against Diabetes: Coconut water has anti-diabetic effect. People with diabetes even suffer from excessive blood clot. Essential ions help to get rid of this clotting issue.

Prevention from Diarrhea: Fluid lost during diarrhea can be compensated through essential electrolytes intake and replacing loss by proper hydration and supply of potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, iron and amino acids by coconut water.
Contains Anti-Oxidants: Free radicals cause damage to the body in various ways hence to remove them anti-oxidants plays a very major role by dissolving them. Coconut Water contains anti-oxidants that removes free radicals and prevents organ damage.
Hangover reliever: Alcohol dehydrates the body and hence leads to headaches. Coconut Water helps to provide hydration and relieves headache and hangover.
Healthy and Strong Hair: Coconut water helps to make hair stronger and healthy by keeping the scalp moisturized and keep away dandruff.

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