Telehealth and Telemedicine

Telehealth and Telemedicine are the latest technology for assistance of healthcare. Its objective is to reach distance or remote areas through telecommunication and information technology. It will assist in providing help to rural area or distant people who need medical guidance immediately. It helps in effective communication between a patient and a medical professional through transmission of data and medical guidance by video conferencing, telephone, mobile app, etc. Fastest digitalization and internet usage, smartphones and webcam has also gained attention. It acts as a driving force to help medical professionals and patients to connect effectively.

Types of Telemedicine:

There are three types of telemedicine and telemedicine categories: Store- and- forward, remote patient monitoring and interactive services. Let’s discuss in detail:

Store-and-Forward: In this type the medical reports (lab reports, medical images or biosignals) is directly transferred to the concerned doctor. Then the doctor connects with its patient and guide him. It does not require the presence of both parties at the same time. In this telemedicine category the clinician requires to consult previous history of medical reports.

Remote Monitoring: This is for chronic disease monitoring such as diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, etc. It is a self monitoring way to keep an eye upon your own disease through monitoring devices. It is also helpful for clinicians to monitor a patient remotely.

Real Time Interactieve: This needs the help of electronic configuration such as webcam for video conferencing in order to be available to face to face interaction through digitalization. It doesn’t need physical presence of patient near the doctor. Thus it can overcome the fear of meeting a physician or visiting hospital. This interaction is possible even sitting at your home or wherever you feel comfortable. The physical gets available through electronic devices and effectively interact from distance.

Pros of Telemedicine:

Telemedicine can prove as blessings for those who can’t connect physically to medical professionals and have an emergency.

  1. Saves Time: It saves time from visiting clinics or hospitals and waiting for their turn. It can prove to be a boon for the rural areas or the distant people to cut the travelling time and expense and get emergency service.
  2. Immediate Access: Rural areas people find this technology to be very fruitful as they get easy access and advice for medical help through different communication ways.
  3. Reduction in No Shows: Through this technology there can be drastic reduction of cancellation of appointment or no shows. People find it very easy way of interaction and efficiently discuss there problems without any concerns.

Cons of Telemedicine:

As we all know that every thing has its own pros and cons. So telemedicine have few cons. Let’s have a look:

  1. Lack of Digitalization: Not all the rural areas are fully digitalised and people are not educated enough to understand the importance of telemedicine.
  2. Network Issues: Network fluctuations are the major area of concer Lack of proper network coverage can lead to frequent call drops and hence interrupt the discussion.
  3. Issue of Licence: Few states doesn’t provide license to telemedicine as the need offline documents of physicians and does not allow online prescription.

What Are Bitcoins???

What Are  BitCoins?

Bitcoin is a “digital currency” or a “cryptocurrency”. It is designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions. Bitcoin also control the creation of additional units of the currency. It was first invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 on white paper. The identity of Nakamoto remains unknown, though many have claimed to know it. It involves peer-to-peer networking, where the transactions takes place directly between users without the use of a centralized administrative system. The transactions get verified through network nodes and are recorded in a public distributed ledger called the blockchain.


How to Buy or Sell a Bitcoin?

Bitcoins can be exchanged through both online and offline mode. According to a study in 2013, participants in online exchange mode has a risk of failed transaction even in certain cases it had been observed that they take client’s bitcoins. Through offline modes, one can purchase bitcoins directly from an individual or from any Bitcoin ATM. Unlike traditional ATMs, Bitcoin ATMs or Bitcoin kiosks are machines that allows insertion of cash in exchange for bitcoins.

Breaking down a Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or a digital currency secured with a public and private “keys”, which consists of long strings of alphabetical and numerical values linked through a mathematical encryption algorithm to protect them. Public keys are like a normal bank account number that can be published, while private Keys are the password protecting secret pins (Just like ATM Pins).

How Does Bitcoin Work?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that involves peer-to-peer networking, where the transactions takes place directly between users without the use of a centralized administrative system. Those individuals or companies governing the Bitcoin network are known as “miners”.

New bitcoin is being released to the miners at a fixed, but at a declining rate, such that the total supply of bitcoins approaches 21 million. One bitcoin is divisible to eight decimal places (100 millionth of one bitcoin), and this smallest unit is referred to as a Satoshi representing 0.00000001 bitcoin, one hundred millionth of a bitcoin.


Airbag system

A great revolution in automobile industries is the implementation of Airbag system. Engineers are working continuously to on the safety of a person travelling in any automobile. In fact to provide support to seat belt and to reduce the impact on body, during any mishappening an airbag system has really become the most important part of safety component. During recent years airbag implementation has saved thousand of lives from injury and death.
So, let’s see how an air bag system really works. Basically airbags are  fabric bags made of stretchable material and kept in different locations through tight packing. In most of the automobiles, airbags are  kept near front two seat as they are the first to be affected in case of any accident. These bags are compressed to fix in small area and to respond quickly. Whenever there will be accident it will get filled with air and act as cushion  to reduce the impact. But one cannot rely fully on airbags that they will prevent any injury or death due to accident, so to have confidence on this system one must regularly keep a check of its functioning on a regular basis.
There are two major components of Airbag crash sensor and insulator.
Crash sensor: Crash sensor are the small electronic device to feel the different movement’s of an automobile. They respond to the sudden brakes, shock and pressure or temperature change which can be seen due to the force of Collision. They measure the speed of car number of seat occupied break pressure and impact. The sensor analyse data and send signals to relay. There are two kinds of Crash Sensor, one is electrical sensor design with a concept of electro-mechanical ball and tube mechanism and second is mechanical sensor work without any electrical sensor it is like actuator with firing pin and and cannot be deactivated.
Inflator: Once the crash unit identify that there is a crash it immediately send signal to inflator to feed air in air bag and once airbag fills up it burst out of panel cover into open space to protect passengers.
All these activities take 20-25 milliseconds and once it is deployed it cannot be used for second time. So you need to change your airbags.

Destination Alert by Indian Railways

As time changes, technologies are getting smarter. Our Indian Railway is also taking a step forward with it. Recently Indian Railways has announced one service which you will really appreciate. This service is basically for the person who travels at night and also having his destination during sleeping hours.

If you are travelling and your destination is supposed to come at night, they this service is for you because Indian Railways will wake you up before you reach your destination. You just need to follow a simple step:

  • Send an SMS typing “ALERT” followed by your 10 digit PNR Number and send it to 139. Or
  • Make a call at 139 and enter your 10 digit PNR number following the instructions.

Your phone alarm will be set at your destination time and before reaching there even if you will be sleeping, it will start ringing and you will be waken up.
So now you can rely on these services and sleep without any worry while travelling to miss your destination because India Railways is taking care of your destination.

Importance of Incognito Mode

As internet is one of the necessities with technology enhancement. Lack of privacy and security is the key issue haunting users. Therefore it is important to know what is Incognito mode and how is it helpful?

Incognito mode is also known as “Porn Mode” (Naughty HAAAA…). But it is far more above this mode as it not only provides the privacy during browsing but also doesn’t keeps and saves cookies for further reference which also includes site URLS.

Incognito mode doesn’t provide full privacy in terms as your service provider can track your location.

Incognito mode has various importance of its own… so let’s have a look:

No Track of History: Through incognito mode, history of the previous searches cannot be tracked; even cookies that tend to get saved while normal browsing mode gets deleted.

No Worries of Paywalls: Paywalls are those site which let you search for free only a number of articles. Let’s say first 10 article of the day is free and incase your search results cross that, they will charge you a certain amount. In this case incognito mode has the advantage of doesn’t save cookies and may help you.

Multiple Signing In of Email: you can sign in to multiple mail ids without signing off them in incognito mode; no extra set is required for this.

In Case you are not the Owner of the Computer: There may be fear of tracking of history while you use someone else’s computer. Browsing through incognito mode can overcome this fear as it doesn’t have any history stored to get tracked.

Looks like First Visitor: Incognito doesn’t save any cookies hence it may help you get rid of cached data and every time you visit a particular site, it takes you as fresh visitor.


JIO – Its not about data only


Yes friends you are right now jio is expanding its wings from data to ISD Calls.

Jio is now giving a huge discount in all rate cutters. It may not give you free services like before but the company has decided to give bumper discount in all segments of telecom industries.

Jio has announced various rate cutters for different countries. For USA and Canada they have given 75% discount on running rate cutters and bought call rate to 3 per minute from 12 per minute.

One the other hand for Germany they have given 93% discount on running rate cutters and providing a call rate of 5 per minute.

Like this they are also giving a big discount in call rates for Britain, Japan, France and United Kingdom.

For US, Britain, Canada, Singapore and New Zealand, Jio is offering Rs 3/minutes. For, France and Japan prices are 4.8 per minute and for South Africa, Russia and United Kingdom rates are 7.2 and 5.30 per minute respectively.

The Darker Side of Technologies

As the world is pacing with different technologies online, the side effects can be figured out on offline world, whether in terms of business, marketing, sales, production, etc. Social media is the most trending of all. People make numerous friends on facebook, twitter, google+, etc, not all of those who are there on the friend list are known. They often term this as “Socializing”. But the most important question lies unanswered is “IS IT WORTHY TO TRUST?”

Many of the teenagers get misguided coz of these social sites. Most of them are cheated and thugged.

Street Shops, local shops and offline business have seen a remarkable fall in their business due to the trending online shopping sites. Like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, ebay, etc.

Online marketing apps and websites have taken over the market of local business. People unware of, or with lesser or no knowledge of technology fails to establish their domain in such a pacing world.

Technology has overcome the need of manual effort and proficiency. If you want to stay and sustain such a competition you must have your hands on the knowledge of technology.

Technology has led to social isolation of individual with friends, family, neighbors and friends.

Lack of physical interaction results in lack of communication and connectivity.

Lack of Sleep is one of the major side effects of technology. The current generation spends most of their time on laptop and cell phones which ultimately results in late night sleep.