As time changes, technologies are getting smarter. Our Indian Railway is also taking a step forward with it. Recently Indian Railways has announced one service which you will really appreciate. This service is basically for the person who travels at night and also having his destination during sleeping hours.

If you are travelling and your destination is supposed to come at night, they this service is for you because Indian Railways will wake you up before you reach your destination. You just need to follow a simple step:

  • Send an SMS typing “ALERT” followed by your 10 digit PNR Number and send it to 139. Or
  • Make a call at 139 and enter your 10 digit PNR number following the instructions.

Your phone alarm will be set at your destination time and before reaching there even if you will be sleeping, it will start ringing and you will be waken up.
So now you can rely on these services and sleep without any worry while travelling to miss your destination because India Railways is taking care of your destination.


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