Female Urination Device

Urination is the major area of concern for female, as males can easily urinate at any place they feel like without any social restrictions but a female has to think for peeing in a safe hygienic and secured place.

Not all the public toilets are hygienic and safe as they contain lots of germs and there are most of the chances of getting infection. So to get rid of the worries and problems there is a device called “stand-to-pee device (STP)” specially designed for female’s as they find very difficult to sit and pee in public toilets due to hygiene issues.

These are simple devices made of plastic, rubber, silicone and paper; some are reusable and some are disposable designed to place at the female genital regions. The devices are designed in such a way that the urine flow can directly pass through the pipe and directly gets drained in commode.

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