How Does Charcoal Helps In Teeth Whitening?

Charcoal is the best absorbent that removes dirt, impurities by adhering to the surface. Also its most amazing property is that, it doesn’t gets absorbed by the body and so doesn’t cause any harm, instead it gets expelled by the digestive system.

  • Is Charcoal easily available?

The answer is obviously! You can get charcoal powder in any medical store alternatively charcoal capsules can also be used.  Take off the powder from the capsule and collect in a bowl.

  • How to make charcoal Paste?

Take a bowl and put a teaspoon of charcoal powder and mix with water.

  • How to apply the paste?

Take clean toothpaste with soft bristles; now apply gently the paste with the help of brush in upside downward movement. Keep for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

  • How does he paste works?

Charcoal gets absorbed to the stains and removes it hence leaving the teeth white and brightening.

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