How To De-Stress Your Mind and Soul !!!

         Stress is an increasing cause of mental illness and health issues which doesn’t comes to notice unless it becomes threat. Stress that’s left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Follow these little steps in your regular life as a routine to de-stress your body, mind and soul:

Early To Bed and Early To Rise: Try to set a schedule of yourself and live a disciplined life. Working till late nights and waking up late can not only disturb your metabolism, but also disturbs your overall routine. Try to set a fixed time to sleep and leave bed on time. Your sleep cycle should be complete and you must make sure you have taken enough sleep. You will feel stress free.



Meditate: This will help you understand thoughts that are crossing your mind. It can be worry of future or regret of past. Try to focus on your breathe during meditation and you will experience utmost difference like from unhappy to happy, negative to positive, hopeless to hopeful. Practice this at least 10-15 minutes a day and feel the difference.



Eat Healthy: Follow a proper diet plan that includes protein, fiber, carbs, and fats to keep you moving and makes you feel light.





Listen To Music: Music is a great stress reliving therapy. Whenever you feel low, plug in your favourite music it will make a great difference. Try this!! It really works in my case.






Follow Your Passion: Take out some time for your hobbies and things that makes you happy. It can be anything like painting, craft work, sports activities, gym workouts, yoga sessions, dance, swimming. These activities will not only give you adrenaline rush but also boosts your self-confidence.



Do Some Charity: Believe me, helping a needy person will give you so much relieve and happiness that can make you feel really positive towards life. Life is full of ups and downs; you must help someone who really needs your attention and care.



Go Out with Your Pet: Spending time with pets is the most relieving moment. Pets are so loyal and selfless, they will do anything to attract your attentions and this will ultimately divert your mood and will drag you away from worries.




Get Away From Social Media: Technology has overtaken nearly all the one-on-one conversations. We spend less time talking to person in front of us than on the other side of our phone. Mobile phone and internet has taken over all the socialising activities. Even kids of current generation are so much engraved in technology that they don’t even care about real world. They are miles away from the reality check. In our times back in 90’s we made friends and use to gather outside our colony in evenings to play around and we use to wait for those outdoor sessions. There no one was rich or poor among us; we didn’t judge friends on the basis of their mobile phone brands or versions. Technology has completely overtaken real feelings and sentiments of human beings.


Family First: Spend quality time with your family. You never know how long have been they waiting for you. Take care of your real once. Keep your mobile phones and laptops aside and talk to them, listen to their feelings, their conversation. May be that’s going to bring the real you because for the world you have been wearing a mask and pretending to what you are not. With your family, you will bring the real you, which will ultimately make relieve you from all the worries which you have been going on since long.


Exercise/ Workout: Take out time to workout at least 45 minutes to 1 hour a day. Workout can not only improve your physical ability but also enhances your mental ability also gives you strength to stay positive throughout the day.

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