How To Keep Your Nails Pinkish And Shiny?

Continuous exposure of nails to nail polish can make them weak and dull. Nails too needs to respiration and proper care for being healthy. So, to keep nails pinkish and healthy here are few tips:

  • Olive Oil:

Tip 1: Take a bowl of warm water and mix few drops of olive oil. Soak your fingers in water for few minutes and massage the nails.


Tip 2: Soak your fingers in warm olive oil for 5 minutes. Leave it over night covered with gloves. Moisturize the nails latter on with moisturizer.


  • Lemon: Soak your fingers in a bowl of lemon juice and massage it for a while.
  • Petroleum Jelly: Nourish your nails with gentle massage of petroleum jelly on the cuticle for shiny nail.
  • Butter: Apply gently on the nails for shiny nails.
  • Vitamin E: Include vitamin E in your diet. Foods rich in vitamin E such as fish oil, avocado etc can be good source.
  • Rosewater: You can soak your fingers in rosewater and massage it gently.
  • Water: Drink as much water as you can to keep your nails healthy and pinkish and shiny.
  • Avocado: Make a paste of avocado and rose water and massage it gently on to the nails. Moisturizer the nails after washing hands.
  • Cucumber: Take a slice of cucumber and gently massage on the nails.
  • Coconut Oil: Mix Lemon juice, coconut oil and olive oil in Luke warm water and massage it gently. Apply moisturizer afterwards.
  • Yogurt: Include yogurt in diet for healthy and shiny nails. Yogurt contains iron, calcium, folate, vitamins A, B, D, C, E, and K, zinc, and protein that keep our body healthy.

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