How To Maintain A Toned Body?

Getting a perfect shape is not the only target which should be in mind rather maintaining the same is way tougher. This target can only be achieved when you maintain the shape you have attained after so much of hardships. Today we will discuss few steps to maintain a toned body:

  1. Cut off Calorie Intake: Include high dietary fibers in diet and cut off the calorie. Cut short your long and heavy meals to smaller and lighter meals by including high fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is advised to take five to six meals a day.
  2. Cut off Starchy Diet: Intake of potatoes, rice, breads, and junk foods should be avoided. Instead swap the diet with nuts, seeds and avocados. This will help to build up muscles through necessary calories and also to lose fat content.
  3. Include More Protein Diet: Increase your protein diet to help muscles sustain during weight loss. After weight loss the muscle mass needs more proteinaceous diet to overcome from weight loss.
  4. Keep Hydrated: Bodily fluids must be maintained in order to keep cells healthy. Drink 2-3 liters of water a day. Incase water consumption requirement is not met, you can alternatively increase liquid intake by consuming health drinks, juice, shakes, smoothie, beverages, green tea, etc.
  5. Walk As Much As You Can: Walking helps to build up stamina, make you feel energetic and healthy. You can skip escalator and use stairs. Also, avoid use of bike for minimum distances instead choose to walk.
  6. Make Your Workout Schedule Multitasking: 50 Squats a day can help you to build up thigh muscles. Alternatively you can do planks at regular intervals. Again after 30 seconds of gap you can start 50 jumping jacks and again practice plank. You can also add side planks, crunches and burpees.
  7. Cycling: Riding a bicycle for 30-45 minutes a day can also help to build up leg muscles and build up your stamina.
  8. Swimming: Swimming tones overall body in a much faster rate as compared to other cardio exercises.

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