How To Use Tampons?

These are small soft and cylindrical in shape made for the insertion into the vaginal opening in order to absorb the menstrual flow. They can be inserted by opening the labia of the vagina being in a squat position or through widening the legs. Adjust the position as it may require practice to get used to it. Tampons have strings attached at their end to easily remove them from vagina. They can be used based on the flow of the vagina. In case of heavy flow during first few days of the cycle maximum absorbing tampons can be used. It is also advised to use tampons with lighter flow as this can reduce the risk of getting infected of bacterial infections by frequently changing the tampons. Longer duration stay of tampons in vagina may cause bacterial infection or even Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) which may lead to vomiting, high fever and rashes. Tampons get so comfortable at times that girl’s even forget to change it or take it off the vagina which can prove to be fatal and hence it is always advised to use lighter absorbing tampons as this may remind you to change frequently. Also keep changing the tampons every 3-4 hours. Make sure you wash your hands before and after application of tampons inside vagina.




Step 1: Take a tampon and open it from the wrapper. Open the folded strings. Tampons are cylindrical soft with blunt ends.

Step 2: Open your legs wide either in squat position sitting on commode or you can place one leg firmly to the ground and the other one on the commode this will help to spread the vaginal opening easily.

Step 3: Place tampon slowly into the vaginal opening by spreading labia. Make sure you have an idea of the right hole. There are 3 holes in all, first one is the urethral opening for pee, second is vaginal opening for period flow and the third one is anus. Our target is the middle one that is vaginal opening.

Step 4: Let the string hang out of the vaginal opening for easy removal.

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