Importance of Incognito Mode

As internet is one of the necessities with technology enhancement. Lack of privacy and security is the key issue haunting users. Therefore it is important to know what is Incognito mode and how is it helpful?

Incognito mode is also known as “Porn Mode” (Naughty HAAAA…). But it is far more above this mode as it not only provides the privacy during browsing but also doesn’t keeps and saves cookies for further reference which also includes site URLS.

Incognito mode doesn’t provide full privacy in terms as your service provider can track your location.

Incognito mode has various importance of its own… so let’s have a look:

No Track of History: Through incognito mode, history of the previous searches cannot be tracked; even cookies that tend to get saved while normal browsing mode gets deleted.

No Worries of Paywalls: Paywalls are those site which let you search for free only a number of articles. Let’s say first 10 article of the day is free and incase your search results cross that, they will charge you a certain amount. In this case incognito mode has the advantage of doesn’t save cookies and may help you.

Multiple Signing In of Email: you can sign in to multiple mail ids without signing off them in incognito mode; no extra set is required for this.

In Case you are not the Owner of the Computer: There may be fear of tracking of history while you use someone else’s computer. Browsing through incognito mode can overcome this fear as it doesn’t have any history stored to get tracked.

Looks like First Visitor: Incognito doesn’t save any cookies hence it may help you get rid of cached data and every time you visit a particular site, it takes you as fresh visitor.


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