JIO – Its not about data only


Yes friends you are right now jio is expanding its wings from data to ISD Calls.

Jio is now giving a huge discount in all rate cutters. It may not give you free services like before but the company has decided to give bumper discount in all segments of telecom industries.

Jio has announced various rate cutters for different countries. For USA and Canada they have given 75% discount on running rate cutters and bought call rate to 3 per minute from 12 per minute.

One the other hand for Germany they have given 93% discount on running rate cutters and providing a call rate of 5 per minute.

Like this they are also giving a big discount in call rates for Britain, Japan, France and United Kingdom.

For US, Britain, Canada, Singapore and New Zealand, Jio is offering Rs 3/minutes. For, France and Japan prices are 4.8 per minute and for South Africa, Russia and United Kingdom rates are 7.2 and 5.30 per minute respectively.

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