Make the Environment Green and Clean

Number of Plant and tress are continuously decreasing with the increase demand of infrastructure, multiplexes and buildings. No one bothers about the adverse effect on the environment and climatic changes. With every increase in deforestation there is a change in environmental condition popularly known as “Global Warming”.

Trees plantation helps in balance of wild life by providing them food and shelter. Balance of Carbon-dioxide and oxygen should be maintained to reduce fatal disease and climatic variations. Trees plantation can reduce the soil erosion and even lessen the adverse effect of air pollution.

Items that Can be reused
Paper Old copies
Old books
Paper bags
Old greeting cards
Cardboard box
Plastic Containers
Glass and ceramics Bottles
Miscellaneous Old cans

With increase in the number of automobiles, the pollution level has also increased but to get rid of the fatal and adverse effect we have not contributed our share. Let’s Plant more trees in order to save our mother Earth and protect environment from climatic changes.

Recycle and reuse of the materials that have already been used and have been thrown in dustbin can also make a huge difference in saving natural resources and energy. We can collect the garbage from our kitchen where organic waste such as leftover foodstuff, vegetable peels, and spoilt or dried fruits and vegetables can be easily found may help in the compost pits that have been dug in the garden.

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