Periods Myth

Myth 1: During Periods you should not wash your hair.

Fact:  Daily Shower for maintaining hygiene is always advised. Make a regular habit of taking bath and wash hair at regular interval. Warm bath or shower can also help to get over menstrual cramps.

Myth 2: You can’t get pregnant during Periods.

Fact: It’s certainly not true. Sperms have the life span of 3-4 days during this phase if the ovulation occurs then there might be chances of getting pregnant.

Myth 3: You should take rest during periods and not advised for exercise.

Fact: You can take rest in case of pain, but while you feel fit you can go for regular workout which can also help in reduction of menstrual cramps by proper oxygen supply.

Myth 4: Periods should last for a week.

Fact: Duration of Menstrual cycle varies from person to person. It may last from 3 days till a week. Periods may be irregular during early days of puberty.

Myth 5: No Swimming during periods.

Fact: Sanitary pads should be avoided instead use tampons during swimming.

Myth 6: Virgins should avoid tampons.

Fact: Tampons doesn’t harm hymen layer, it gets inserted into vagina easily.

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