Provident Fund Withdrawal to Become Easier

In India there are more than 4 crore subscribers for provident fund. Therefore the government has simplified the norms for withdrawal. According to new rule, a partial PF withdrawal is possible by submitting appropriate documents for justifying the purpose without any approval from employer.

You need to submit a self-declaration using a composite form under various grounds. Employee’s Provident Fund Organization has announced a new rule for making partial withdrawal of PF for medical bills, home loans/ land purchase, education of children, marriage of children etc. The employee registered with EPFO can submit composite form along with self-declaration in various grounds.

It includes the fund you need in advance for treatment of illness including hospitalization lasting for more than one month or if suffering from TB, Leprosy, cancer, paralysis heart ailment etc.

Earlier the member had to produce doctor certificate or medical certificate for withdrawing provident fund but now it has been changed. Member doesn’t require submitting any kind of certificate now for medical purpose. One can withdraw up to 6 months of his salary for illness.

EPFO allows withdrawing 90% of provident fund for home or land purchase. It is also allowed to pay loan EMI by using provident fund.

For Children Education or marriage, partial PF withdrawal is allowed.

For any kind of withdrawal, members just need to submit a self-declaration which includes claim form.

Member having their Aadhar card, PAN card and a registered bank account in EPFO can direct submit claim form in EPFO portal.

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