Adhesive pads for feet (Foot detox patch)

Detoxifying foot pads reviews ( Foot detox patch)

Why do we need Detox Patches?

We all are aware of the fact that our body consists of various toxins due to our number of bad habits. There are a numerous habits which we follow everyday and hence end up in accumulation of toxins in body and various vital organs which may in future lead to numerous complications. Hence to get rid of toxins and heavy metals from body, detox pads can be used.

How to use Detox Patches?

The detox patches ( foot detox patch) are available with detox pads that contain selected ingredients that may pull impurities out of our system. Apply detox pads on to the adhesive end of detox patches and stick this at the foot sole. It is advised to leave it overnight and check the impurity level the next morning.

Foot patch before application
Foot patch after application








Where to apply the Detox Patches?

It is advised to apply these patches at the sole of foot as we all are aware of the fact that most of the acupressure points are present at foot area and hence it is the most preferable area to apply these foot detox patch. Apart from the foot, back of knee, armpit, and palms can also be the sticky zones for these detox patches.

  • Acupressure points

How long should these detox patches to be worn?

It is advised to leave these patches overnight as it will give effective results after the application of 7-8 hours. Hence overnight is preferred. It also results in proper extraction of impurities from specific area.