Tampons VS Sanitary Pads

  • Tampons are comparatively smaller in size than that of a sanitary pad, hence can be easily carried in pocket.
  • Sanitary Pads prevents staining of panties as girls using tampons often forget about periods as they are not visible and hence staining chances increases.
  • Tampons don’t make you feel wet and hence you easily get comfortable with it, whereas sanitary pads give the feel of wetness and hence it’s quite uncomfortable.
  • Sanitary pads can lead to rashes and itching whereas tampons don’t.
  • Tampons provide freedom of movement as it swimmers can prefer it upon pads.
  • Girls using Sanitary Pads doesn’t needs to worry of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) while those using tampons often forget to remove tampons from vagina which leads to the syndrome with vomiting, high fever, rashes.
  • Sanitary Pads gets wrinkles and crinkles that may be irritating at times, while tampons don’t have any of them.
  • Sanitary pads are easily visible and can be changed accordingly in case of heavy bleeding frequently, while tampons needs to be removed in order to see the absorption frequency.
  • Tampon insertion can be quite painful while sanitary pads are painless.
  • Sanitary pads can be put on for longer duration than tampons hence should be preferred during night hours.

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