The Darker Side of Technologies

As the world is pacing with different technologies online, the side effects can be figured out on offline world, whether in terms of business, marketing, sales, production, etc. Social media is the most trending of all. People make numerous friends on facebook, twitter, google+, etc, not all of those who are there on the friend list are known. They often term this as “Socializing”. But the most important question lies unanswered is “IS IT WORTHY TO TRUST?”

Many of the teenagers get misguided coz of these social sites. Most of them are cheated and thugged.

Street Shops, local shops and offline business have seen a remarkable fall in their business due to the trending online shopping sites. Like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, ebay, etc.

Online marketing apps and websites have taken over the market of local business. People unware of, or with lesser or no knowledge of technology fails to establish their domain in such a pacing world.

Technology has overcome the need of manual effort and proficiency. If you want to stay and sustain such a competition you must have your hands on the knowledge of technology.

Technology has led to social isolation of individual with friends, family, neighbors and friends.

Lack of physical interaction results in lack of communication and connectivity.

Lack of Sleep is one of the major side effects of technology. The current generation spends most of their time on laptop and cell phones which ultimately results in late night sleep.