Top 10 Best Exercises To Lift and Firm Breast

Every women dreams of attractive, firm and well shaped breast to look attractive and beautiful. Workout is the ultimate natural solution for all the women worried with breast sagging problems. Here are few best workouts to firm and attain desirable breast.

Chest Fly: You can do chest fly on a bench or on a medicine ball. Use lighter weights for chest/ breast fly and repeat this as a set of 12 repetitions for 3-4 times.

Chest Press: You can do chest press on a bench or on a medicine ball. Use heavier weights for chest press and repeat this as a set of 12 repetitions for 3-4 times. It’s one of the most common and very effective exercises that works on chest, shoulders and triceps. You can perform it with dumbbells, a bar or resistance band on the bench that can be flat, inclined or declined, on medicine ball or using cable machine, targeting different muscle groups of your chest.

Push-Ups: Push-Ups is a exercise that strengthens your chest, shapes your shoulders, works arms, abs and lower back muscles.

Dumbbell Pullover: This works on two muscles simultaneously, your back and the chest. Working on both the muscles simultaneously will help in improving your posture and firmness of breast.

Elbow Squeeze Shoulder Press: Both Elbow Squeeze and Shoulder Press targets the upper posture of body simultaneously and hence improves the upper body structure.

Medicine Ball Push Up: Medicine ball helps your muscles for a broader range motion workout that enables proper blood circulation by enabling more stress which may help in increased growth.

Dumbbell Plank Rotation: Plank are great workouts to improve and strengthen core and body posture. By moving your torso you are engaging your body to a full body workout.

Cobra Lat Pull down: It’s a very important workout that engages your back and firms your chest. Make sure you keep your spine straight and aligned.

Triceps Dips: Triceps dips are a great way to shape up your triceps. If performed in proper form, it also engages your chest. Make sure you perform this exercise slowly.

Triceps Dips

Standing Y- Raise: Standing Y-Raise will engage your chest and shoulders. This exercise helps in improving body posture and helps in breast firming.

Elbow Squeeze Shoulder Press

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