Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Urinary infection is most common in females as compared to males. As per a survey, every 1 female out of 2 gets infected to UTI. Female has shorter urethra (bladder that transports urine outside the body) hence are more prone to infections, in case untreated can even infect kidney.

• Burning sensation during urination
• Frequent urination
• Pressure and pain in lower abdomen
• Cloudy, dark, bloody or strong smelling urine
• Nausea and vomiting
• High fever, shaking, chills and fatigue

Reason for Urinary Tract Infection:
• Unhygienic environment
• Sexual Intercourse
• Blocked flow of urine
• Constipation
• Use of urinary catheter
• Longer use of tampons, menstrual cups or spermicides
• Menopause
• Contraceptive pills
• Diabetes

• Drink lots of water to flush off the bacteria
• Wipe off the front and back area before and after urination and sexual intercourse as the bacterial infection can not only infect the bladder but also the bowel area through anal region.
• Urinate after intercourse so as to eject out the bacteria
• Keep genital area clean
• Wear cotton underwear and loose fitting area around urethra dry
• Take shower daily

Home Remedies:
• Drink lots of water to flush off the bacteria.
• Add Vitamin C to diet for relief.
• Pineapple, apple and vinegar prevent the bacteria from growing inside the bladder.
• Cranberries and blueberries make hard for bacteria to adhere to the tract and hence flush them away from body.
• Mix a teaspoon of baking soda in water and drink it, this will reduce the pain.
• Tea tree also has anti bacterial properties.

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