Why To Learn Self-Defense Moves?

We all live in a society where women’s safety is a matter of concern. Elevation in crime rate like sexual assault, molestation, eve-teasing, acid attacks are increasing day by day. Whether it’s a working women or a house wife, every individual should learn few self defense moves. Today we will learn the reasons for learning self-defense moves:

Safety: By learning self-defense moves whether its karate, kickboxing, judo or any form of the defense techniques there develops a mental peace of being safe and secure. Safety had always been a matter of concern for women. So to get rid of such worries one must know the techniques and also carry self defense kits or instruments such as knife, pepper sprays, chili powder sprays, needle, etc.

Self-Confidence: Being independent builds up the confidence to grow and achieve the goal and individual aim. It helps you to grow up into a better person.

Being Alert: Crime doesn’t wait for any circumstances, so it’s always advised to be alert and not to freeze while an attacker attacks you. Instead off-guard the attacker first by submissive moves and then attack back and fight. Always be alert while walking on streets.

Inspire And Become A Role Model: An independent and brave women is always an inspiration for her family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.


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