Worried Of Belly Fat??

It’s always advised to eat healthy and drink lots of water. Approximately 2-3 liters of water must be consumed in order to keep your body hydrated. Also, avoid junk and processed foods. Include more salads, fibrous and proteinaceous diets, leafy veggies, egg, milk, oats, multi grain chapattis, yogurt, salmon and almonds. Start your day with green tea mixed with honey and cinnamon powder.

Here are few exercises that helps to cut off belly fat faster:

  1. Plank: This is the best and effective exercise. Plank should always be practiced in a proper posture. Place a yoga mat; place your hand below your shoulder. The position of your knees should be parallel to your hips. Keep on breathing (Inhale and Exhale). Now put your palms forward and slowly raise your hips and stretch your legs as far as possible with toes stuck to the mat. Make sure your head, spine and hips all are aligned in straight line. Initially you should start with shorter time span.
  2. Side Plank: The body posture will remain the same as that of plank. Here we will roll our body from right side at first and then on the left side alternatively placing one arm on the mat and the whole body weight will be at one side with every direction. Hold the position for a while. Maintain the body alignment. Practice it alternatively with a slight break in between (if needed).
  3. Crunches: These are very useful when we talk of abdominal muscles. You can practice it by placing yoga mat on floor, lay down straight at back. Now touch your head very lightly with your hands and move your upper back forward (inhale), now lie back (Exhale). Repeat this exercise 50 time. You can also try this by raising your legs above ground and push your upper back forward.
  4. Bicycle Crunches: This is practiced the same way as that of normal crunches. The only difference is that the movement of both the legs should be like that of riding bicycle. Lift the legs above ground with your upper back moving forward.
  5. Jumping Jacks: For this exercise, stand up and spread both legs slightly, lift both your arms and jump. Make sure you inhale while jumping and exhale while relaxing back. Repeat this exercise for 50 times.

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